BridgeStock 2018 Lineup Announcement


Friday Aug 3rd            


6pm RockUrFace Welcome

6:15 Wrestling

7:30 pm Smashy Boondoggle (Live music Classic Rock)

8:45 Wrestling

9:10 Chosen by Fate (Classic Rock & Roll)

Cup Drawing and 50/50


Saturday Aug 4th


1pm Officer Rod Street AWE intro

1:45 RockUrFace Welcome

2pm-2:40 Russ Kendrick Martin (Solo Acoustic)

2:45 Wrestling

3pm -3:40 Paper Lanterns (Alternative Rock)

3:45 Wrestling

4pm -4:40 Johnny Shelton Acoustics (Solo Acoustic)

4:45 Wrestling

5pm -5:40 Smart Alecs

5:45-6:40 – Wrestling

6:45 -7:45 Killarney Creek (Irish Folk with Modern Twist)

7:45 -8pm Wrestling

8pm- 9pm Misspent Youth

9pm-9:20 Wrestling Main Event

9:20-10:45 Hot Southern Mess

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